Din Syamsuddin: an Issue of Muslims Is the Absence of Cultural Enthusiasm

Prof. Dr. M. Din Syamsuddin saat menjadi key note speaker pada acara seminar Pra-Kongres Umat Islam Indonesia ke-VI di UMY
Prof. Dr. M. Din Syamsuddin became a key note speaker of a seminar of Indonesian Muslim Pre-Congress VI at UMY

One of the Muslim issues is that they have enthusiasm of culture so that it would impact economic, political, and cultural problems. It would ultimately bear more negative consequences than positive consequences. Moreover, in Indonesia it has begun to implement liberal values since reform era including economic aspect.

It was a remark of Chairman of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin, M.A. in a seminar of Indonesian Muslim Pre-Congress (KUII) VI. It was organized by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) and took place in a meeting hall of A.R. Fachruddin A UMY on Wednesday (4/1).

Din stated that one of the Muslim problems is that they do not possess cultural enthusiasm which could be formulated conceptually to go context of strategic change. He argued that Indonesia is encountering crisis of culture. “I observed that one of the issues of Muslims, Islamic organizations, Islamic parties is that they do not owe the interest of culture formulated conceptually, systematically, strategically to go to strategic change context for the future of Indonesia. We are undergoing cultural crisis,” he conveyed.

Another issue, Din added, is that Indonesia is coming under liberalization of economy, politic, and culture affecting negative consequences. He contended that the problems did not occur in urban areas, but also in boroughs. Hence, according to his party, the congress conducted by MUI on 8-10 February in Yogyakarta would think out critical study of national circumstances as he told.

“Indonesia is coping with huge problems, particularly swift current of liberalization of economy, politic, and culture emerging a number of positive and negative consequences such as politic based on liberal democracy. The implementation in Indonesia is the most liberal. It is the enormous issue especially since reform era as well as economic field or ‘global capitalization’. It happens in not only big city but also small town. It is the concern. I hope that the congress could bring out critical analyses of national context and seek the solutions,” he explained.

As Din Syamsuddin, Prof. Dr, H. Ahmad Syafi’I Ma’arif M.A., a former chairman of Muhammadiyah Center Organization, expected that the KUII would discuss huge issues confronted by this nation and the congress would not be interfered by ongoing political combats.

“I consider that this congress would talk about serious huge issues. Do not be bothered by undignified political battles. I wish that there would be reinforcement of Muslims’ social aspect. Of the number of 210 million peoples and noticing social economic aspect, Muslims are weak, still,” he elucidated. He also criticized that this congress is a Muslim congress so that the participants are supposed to come from not only Islamic based organizations but also politician Muslims of party representatives in order to coin a synergy to establish Indonesia.

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