Yudi Latif: Pancasila Unites the Diversity of Indonesia

Proclamation and Pancasila were formulated by engaging all representatives of various groups of Indonesian people. The most prominent group during the formulation was Modern Islam which was the forerunner of Muhammadiyah.

In a public lecture on Islam and Pancasila as Inspiration for the Development of Indonesia on Thursday (15/3), Head of President’s Unit of Pancasila Founding (UKP-PIP) Yudi Latif, M.A., Ph.D. stated that Pancasila is a link to connect all representatives in Indonesia.

“This state shows diversity of a nation so that Indonesia becomes a place where all ideologies meet. Due to the diversity, Pancasila turns a linkage among the differences,” declared Yudi in the public lecture conducted by Doctorate Program of Islamic Politics, Master of Governmental Studies, Master of International Relations, Department of International Relations, Ahmad Syafi’i School of Political Thought and Humanity of UMY, and UKP-PIP of the Republic of Indonesia.

Yudi told that the Islamic Modern group possessed vital roles in formulating Pancasila. “In my point of view, the diversity of Indonesia nowadays is the same as the condition in the age of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that Madinah was occupied by Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Pancasila, then, has a role as the Charter of Medina upholding justice for all people,” he maintained.

Furthermore, Pancasila possesses a point in its principles. “Whether or not you believe, the essential element of the Pancasila formulation was from the modern Islamic thought of Muhammadiyah that various figures such as Ki Bagus Hadikusumo and Ir. Soekarno were involved in the formulation process. Indonesia is not an Islamic country, but all of the figures agreed that Indonesia is a religious nation as mentioned on the first principle of Pancasila,” mentioned Yudi.

He conveyed that Pancasila is a principle that was processed and formulated based on values of Indonesia so that contradiction between Pancasila and Islamic values does not exist.

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