Wujudkan Pengembangan Daerah dalam Bidang Pendidikan dan Penelitian, Kabupaten Bojonegoro Ajak Kerjasama UMY

One of the aspects encouraging the development of a regency is that the involvement of academicians in assisting the educational and research development. This circumstance led Bojonegoro Regency to cooperating with Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiayah Yogyakarta in fields of education, research, community service, and human resource development. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the cooperation was signed by Regent of Bojonegoro Drs, Suyoto, M.Si and a party of UMY on Tuesday (15/9) at a meeting hall of Graduate School Director, Floor 1, UMY.

Drs. Suyoto conveyed that a governmental system necessitates political ability supported by science, research, and development of the area. Community productivity level of an area is also necessary to help central government to evolve education, economy, and social life in Indonesia. “Developing community productivity is essential due to the economic condition of Indonesia nowadays. In Bojonegoro, fostering education and food management is the foremost focus of the government,” he informed.

Therefore, supporting the enhancement, it is vital the roles of academicians in developing thoughts and renewable research. “I expect that the cooperation between Bojonegoro and UMY can be a synergy to elevate the productivity and human resources of Bojonegoro people,” he hoped.

Furthermore, Vice Chancellor I of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan, M.P. stated that the cooperation may enhance knowledge of UMY’s academicians, particularly of students who will carry out the community service. “The cooperation, essentially, is an occasion for UMY’s academicians to share their thoughts and serve the community. Besides, Bojonegoro people will also share their social science to the UMY’s academicians,” he asserted.

He also wished that the cooperation may lift the capability of both parties. “Capacity development is necessary after this cooperation is conducted. I hope that this cooperacation can broaden to other sectors and can be sustainable,” he expected.

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