Work Draft Bill Becomes the Solution to Indonesia’s Economic Growth in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

The pros and cons of the Work Draft Bill is currently being discussed. The Worker’s Union has voiced more disagreements than agreements. However, we explore the bill thoroughly, there are several articles in the Bill that are actually beneficial for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.

We all felt how COVID-19 has made life uncertain. All sectors of life are affected, and the collapse of the world economy left a negative impact on Indonesia’s economic growth itself. This is especially true for MSME activists who are made weak by the endless pandemic situation.

The Indonesian government has made some efforts to give a little hope to the community, one of which was done by opening access in several sectors after the implementation of the PSBB (Large-scale Social Distancing) for almost two months since the COVID-19 case first occurred in Indonesia in March 2020. New Normal first became a draft, followed by the Ratification of the Work Draft Bill.

However, this ratification turned out to be a source of anxiety. Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Economist Ahmad Ma’Ruf SE., M.Sc. stated that pros and cons to a bill is natural, but he urged that all parties to filter their information sources carefully and not be trapped by hoaxes. The parties that disagree with the bill are expected to discuss to find the best solution for all parties.

“Personally, I am not worried about the pros and cons, as long as we have space for discussion, and not just blindly refuse the bill. I do not think this is fair. The most important thing is that we have space for discussion, and I personally consider the Work Draft Bill to have far more benefits for the people’s economy. This bill will support people’s economy. But false information sources seem to think this bill favors large investors. I think we should sit down and discuss this, “said Ma’ruf in a virtual discussion titled ” Solutions to Awaken Economy in the Middle of Pandemic “organized by the Joglosemar Institute, Wednesday (29/7).

Furthermore, Ma’ruf believes that the Work Draft Bill will provide a breath of fresh air for MSMEs, especially to improve the Indonesian economy in a better direction. Therefore, we need to carefully examine the articles contained in the Cipta Karya Bill.

“When I reviewed the Cipta Karya Bill, I saw a bill that favored MSMEs. Many of the articles that I have read supports MSMEs. I am sure that if the bill is implemented properly, it can stimulate a revival of the people’s economy,” Ma’ruf continued.

The main fear that arises from the Work Draft Bill is that it will put more burden on the workers, like some MSMEs who are unable to pay wages above the Regional Minimum Wage (UMR). However, Ma’ruf stated that it is not an economic crime, but because they have to do it.

“With the Work Draft Bill, MSMEs will be able to survive even though they cannot pay wages above the UMR. But that does not mean you can just take its benefits blindly, as there are derivative regulations. At least when the MSME is not able to pay salaries above the UMR, they will not be considered an economic villain, but they did it because they have to. We can open a discussion for things like this,” he concluded. (Hbb)

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