UMY Students Educate Penggung People to Cultivate Telang Flower

Community Service Program 060 (KKN 060) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) promoted Telang Flower cultivation on Sunday (3/2) in Penggung, Giripurwo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo. The herb cultivation aimed to enhance health as well as economic productivity and to develop the herb as a typical plant of Penggung.

Conducted at house of headman of Penggung and attended by Penggung women and youth associated in Karang Taurna, the cultivation was addressed to increase a number of Telang farmers in Yogyakarta.

“Only few people have known and cultivated the Telang whereas it has many benefits,” stated Muhammad Iqbal Rasyid, Chief of the KKN 060 team.

The flower originally effloresced in Asia and has small size of leafs and stems. The flower has blue petals and 4-5 centimetres in length. This flower has amazing benefits for health such as health preservation, anti-aging prevention, sight-disturbance, and others.

Iqbal also hoped, “The cultivation may improve economic productivity of the people.”

Meanwhile, a supervisor of the KKN 060 Iswanto declared, “Telang Flower can be utilized as natural food coloring so that the people can commence to produce food using this innovation. We also expect that we can tell the people to make Telang food products.”

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