UMY Students and PKK Hargomulyo Establish ‘Bank Sampah’

Community Service Program 081 (KKN 081) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta initiated Bank Sampah (garbage bank) in Pripih, Hargomulyo, Kokap, Kulon Progo. The garbage bank, a collaborative program between UMY students and Pripih people, was officially launched on Monday (11/02) in Hargomulyo.

Chief of KKN 081 Bintang Noorrohmad stated that the garbage bank program was called “Bank Sapri” standing for Bank Sampah Pripih Mulyo – Pripih Mulyo Garbage Bank. The Bank Sampah aimed to solve a garbage issue, enhance people’s knowledge and income, and empower women, particularly members of PKK Program (Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga – Family Welfare Program).

“The program is pointed to educate people kinds of garbage so that they can sort out the garbage and create beautiful environment,” he maintained.

The emergence of “Bank Sapri” drew Pripih people’s attention and enthusiasm to begin saving in the Bank Sampah. Each Pripih person had a ‘saving book’ collaborating with PERSADA and 24 garbage cans. The Bank Sampah was expected to assist the people and Bank Sampah staff in sorting out garbage.

“I wish that the Bank Sampah could run well and be sustainable,” expressed Bintang.

Meanwhile, Head of Environmental Services of Kulon Progo Arif Prastowo, S.Sos., M.Si. also attending the launching stated that the Bank Sampah would be a center for garbage bank in Hargomulyo.

Besides, a supervisor of the community service Ahmad Ma’ruf, S.E., M.Si. advised Pripih people to maintain the Bank Sampah and consider it as worship so that it can sustainably run to keep cleanness and welfare of the village.

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