UMY Gears Up Millennials for Being a Youtuber

A lecturer of Department of Informatics Engineering of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) performed a community service program by conducting a workshop on ‘Mau Jadi Youtuber’ (I Want to Be a Youtuber) for youths in Sorolaten, Sidokarto, Godean. The workshop was organized on Thursday (18/4) at Warung Kopi Semarangan, Godean.

“Due to the rapid technology development, youths need a medium to express their creativity as using YouTube. Everyone is familiar with YouTube so that the workshop presents how to be a youtuber, what to learn, and the benefits of being a youtuber. Thus, an expert in the area is invited to be a speaker at the workshop,” Slamet conveyed at the community program raising a theme of ‘Elevating Wise Internet Literacy for Youths.’

He added that the workshop was held more than once. “We will have other workshops to enhance the youths’ literacy in information technology to prepare them to confront industrial revolution 4.0. We will provide materials regarding YouTube so that youths recognize how to utilize it and its merits for community. In the first meeting, we invite a speaker from Vlogger Jogja, Dian Rockmad Bayutirto. He presented how to make and edit an attractive and unique video using a smartphone. In the second meeting, we will focus on how to be a vlogger. In the third meeting, we will conduct a video making contest for the youths and they have to upload it on YouTube,” informed Slamet.

“The community service program was held in collaborating with a youth organization, Perkasa Karang Taruna of Sorolaten, Sidokarto, Godean. Noticing that children now love watching YouTube videos, it is essential for youths to be able to leverage YouTube wisely and create creative contents appropriate for them,” declared Slamet.

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