UMY Creates a Team for Anticipating ‘Joki’


Deceitfulness at educational institutions is getting broader such as counterfeit certificates, and three-in-one boy or joki in university tests. It has occurred at not only state universities but also private universities. Univesitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) was one of the universities anticipating the joki system. “Joki is considered as deceitfulness, dishonesty, deception, and norm abuse. The joki brings harm and will affect the quality of students enrolling the university. If the students have bad quality, it will influence the name of university,” stated Dr. Siti Dyah Handayani, S.E., M.M., Head of Student Admissions of UMY.

Dr. Siti Dyah continued that, to anticipate the joki, her party created a team during Paper Best Test (PBT) period II on Sunday (22/6). Her party also cooperated with police, security, and committee. “During the teat, we require the invigilators to be more cautious with all deceitfulness. Moreover, the PBT period II has 2,283 participants. We also stretch the security. Before entering the test room, we will check the participants using metal detector and signal detector,” she informed.

 Many ways were carried out to anticipate the joki since their ways always changed each year. “We will not miss again because it happened last year. It is because of the over-changing ways of the joki so that the security should be tighter. Last year the participant used a small HT put on his body or a ballpoint having a small camera. They always tried to employ a communication device. Therefore, the participants must turn of their phone when entering the room to anticipate the deceitfulness,” she inserted.

It was pride and carefulness of UMY in conducting PBT period II due to the greatest number of participants. “Last year Medical and Dentistry Department had the greatest number of participants, but now all departments have the similar number of participants.  The PBT is organized three times a year, in June, July, and August. For other departments, the students have registered through PMDK and PNUAN,” she told.

Dyah advised to all prospective university students to become and believe in themselves because the joki is not helpful but harmful. “They only earn money and will not be responsible if you do not pass the test. Thus, I recommend you to avoid it because if will bring harm for you and they will get benefits from your money. I hope that the great number of participants becomes an achievement of UMY. May UMY be better and get skilled students and alumni who make UMY proud. When there is no joki, UMY will have qualified input,” she added.

Furthermore, a university security Agung Rahayu said that the security was getting tighter than last year. The participants has several investigations before entering the room to anticipate the deceitfulness during the test. “Because the participants are many, the door will be closed during the test so that they will not be bothered. If the participants come late, they will enter by the back door. Dealing with the joki, we have not find it yet during the test,” he stated.

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