UMY as the Greatest University Receiving Community Development Grant


It was pleasing the achievement of Program Hibah Bina Desa (PHBD) or Community Development Grant Program in 2014. Three student organizations of UMY got program grant funded by Directorate General DIKTI. It increased from the last year receiving one grant. The achievement brought UMY to be the greatest university receiving the grant among sixteen other groups from eleven either state or private universities joining the program.

The Head of Student and Alumnus Development of UMY, Ir. Agus Nugroho Setiawan, MP told that three student organizations getting the fund were student activity unit of Pramuka (scout), Accounting Student Organization, and Student Executive Board of FISIPOL. He stated that UMY would encourage and facilitate student organizations to compete in PBHD to enhance student roles in community development for the next.

Furthermore, he uttered that the amount of the funds to conduct PHBD was 119 million rupiahs for community development in an area of Pajangan, Bantul. The first program focused on disability children development in Panti Bina Siwi in order that they were more independent through handicraft making. The second program concerned with the educational-tourism rural development in Mangir. The other program concentrated on the development of Kampung Wisata Santan through budget management and technology of information.

This year, UMY was also believed by Directorate General DIKTI RI as the host of Monitoring Evaluation of PHBD 2014 on the 12th – 15th of November 2014. Sixteen student organizations from both state and private universities would present the development of PHBD’s implementation carried out since July 2014.

PHBD was a program of community service organizing by student organizations like Ikatan Organisasi Mahasiswa Sejenis (IOMS), Student Activity Unit (UKM), and Student Executive Board (BEM). It was hoped that students getting involved in PHBD could be aware of contributing to the society. Hence, it would establish an active, independent, entrepreneurial, and prosperous serving community.

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