UMY Adds More Lecturers who Hold Doctor Degrees to a Total of 217

Great news for Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, this time from the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Totok Suwanda ST., MT., successfully earned his doctorate from Brawijaya University (UB) on Wednesday (2/1). He obtained his title after passing his dissertation exam which was held online through Youtube live stream at the 2nd floor of the G6 Building, UMY Central Campus.

The UMY Mechanical Engineering lecturer presented his dissertation title “Optimization of Joint Tensile Strength in Dissimilar Metal AA6061 with AISI304 Continuous Drive Friction Welding”. His calm and smooth demeanor made the promoters and examiners of the trial who all came from Brawijaya gave very satisfying scores to Totok.

“After a tense and thorough exam, we as chairman of the trial, promoter, and examiner came to a conclusion that after considering the diligence during the teaching and learning process at Brawijaya University, as well as the seriousness, ethics and ability of the testee in presenting his dissertation, Totok Suwanda passed with the highest honors. and is officially given the right to hold a doctorate degree, “said Chairperson Dr. Eng. Anindito Purnowidodo, ST., M.Eng, who is also the head of UB Mechanical Engineering Study Program.

Dr. Totok Suwanda ST., MT., entered the Brawijaya Malang University to earn his doctorate in 2013 student of, so the lecturer that currently teaches at UMY completed his doctoral studies in 6 years and five months, seven days, with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.92. “Once again we congratulate Dr. Totok Suwanda ST., MT., on graduating at today’s dissertation session. After going through a long struggle, you finally earned the title, “said one of the testing lecturers, Prof. Dr. Ir. Rudy Soenoko, M.Eng.Sc.

With Totok holding a doctorate degree, the number of doctors at UMY have increased. “This is good news for all of us, because with this the number of doctors at UMY has increased to 217, and Pak Totok has become the 29th doctor in the Faculty of Engineering, the 9th doctor in the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, as well as fulfilling the adding the number of lecturers who graduated from Brawijaya University to 20. We also hope that Dr. Totok., could soon be followed by other UMY lecturers, as currently there are 6 Mechanical Engineering lecturers who are undergoing doctoral studies, “concluded Dr. Ir. Sukamta ST., MT., IPM., Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs of UMY who gave a speech at the dissertation session. (Hbb)

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