UMY Achieved Silver and Bronze Medal in Taekwondo Championship


Students of UMY regained great achievement. It came from Taekwondo National Championship held by Kemenpora RI on the 5-10th of November in UNJ. Dian Paramita S., a student of International Relations 2012, achieved silver medal of Class 57 of female and Wahyu Titis Dwirani, a student of Communication Studies 2014, achieved bronze medal of Class 53 of female.

Dian stated that she remained proud despite not being the winner of the competition. Her rivals in the championship, coming across this country, had great techniques and skills. Dian has exercised Taekwondo since she was in grade 7 of junior high school and often joins some Taekwondo competitions. Nevertheless, she admitted that her competitors drove her nervous.

Because of believing herself, keeping calm, and praying, she succeeded in gaining the results of her exercises. Besides, she implemented several instructions given by her coach.

“The most important is keeping confident and calm because, if you are getting panic, what we have learnt will not work. If we keep calm, Insyaallah it is going to work. It must be anxious in the beginning and thinking over the competition,” told Dian representing her friend when being met in public relations and protocols of UMY on Friday morning (14/11).

In addition, she uttered that the encouragement of the university and her friends was very beneficial. She added that the university did not demand her to be the champion, but achieving bronze medal was like a bonus of the competition. “The university supports us so much. The Vice Chancellor III conveyed that we were not required to be the winner and being able to join the championship was impressive. Achieving gold or silver is just a plus from what we have done,” told the female loving Taekwondo because of her cousin.

Joining various championships did not turn her to be complacent. She promised to keep practicing Taekwondo in order to be able to enhance her achievements. She was eager to cultivate the Korean martial art till she is able to coach. In fact, she has been falling in love with the shades of kinship created by her coach. Moreover, she argued that it is necessary for women to learn a martial art.

She believed that learning Taekwondo brought many merits for her like teaching discipline and fighting the fear. “I am falling in love with Taekwondo. I cannot leave that. It feels like home. Martial art is important. We are taught to obey the rules, and to be discipline. It is challenging and I learn to fight my fear. If we want to kick, we have to be ready,” uttered the female being born in Sigli on the 24th of July 1994.

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