The Winner of KRI 2015 Will Compete in International Level


Indonesian people ought to be proud since Indonesia has a lot of achievement in any field, particularly in robotic field. Many Indonesian students engaged in enlivening agenda of Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) 2015 beginning today. Various preparations have been carried out by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) to welcome participants, judges, and spectators. “The contest would continue from national level to international level. The winner of KRAI, KRPAI, KRSBI, and KRSI would represent Indonesia in international level,” informed Dr. Ir. Endro Pitowarno, M.Eng., General Chairman of KRI 2015, in a press conference on Thursday (11/6) at A.R. Fachruddin A, Floor 1, UMY.

The robot contest has been conducted 13 times since 2002. “Before KRI, it was called KRN in 1993, 1997, and 1999. There was only one contest category, and then it became 4 categories, namely KRAI, KRPAI, KRSBI, and KRSI. In international level, Indonesia achieved the runner up twice and the winner in 2001. Our reason of selecting UMY as the host is supported by a team of UMY joining in the previous robot contest,” he told.

Endro continued that the KRI 2015 would be continued in international level, especially international ABU Robot Contest. KRAI 2015 raised a theme of badminton. “On Sunday 10 Japanese people would come and see the final round. This year is a year that Indonesia organizes national and international robot contest,” he asserted.

Furthermore, Indonesia Soccer Robot Competition has been conducted these five recent years and it displays improvement each year. Indonesian youth has fostered a lot of innovations of creating soccer robots. “Their achievement has been in international level. “The winner of this category would compete in international level in Germany. Last year the winner joined international level in Brazil. Indonesian team could pass to semi final round. PSSI could be non-active, but KRSBI could not,” he inserted.

Moreover, Chief of Judges of KRI 2015 Ir. Wahidin Wahab M.Sc., Ph.D. argued that enthusiasm of students is getting increase each year. It was only ABU robot contest, but it is added by in 2004, art in 2006, and soccer in 2004. “Since the contest categories enhance every year, we divided the contest into 5 regions. This year regional I was organized at STMIK GI MDP Palembang, Sumatra, regional II was at University of Budy Luhur, regional III was at University of Semarang, regional IV was at STIKOM Surabaya, and Regional V was at Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin. The winner of each regional would compete in national level which organized at UMY. Then, KRAI would be continued to international level and would also be conducted at UMY,” he elucidated.

Slamet Riyadi, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., Chief of KRI 2015 informed that the number of participants and supervisors was 394 people. However, the mechanics and supporters of each university have not counted yet. “Besides, we provided tickets for public and other students who are interested in seeing the contest. The KRI 2015 is about not only a contest but also technological tourism. The committee would provide 3000 tickets and it has been sold 2/3 of tickets,” he said.

In addition, Rector of UMY Prof. Bmbang Cipto, M.A. expressed his pride since UMY is the host of KRI UMY 2015. “The contest is an essential mandate of UMY to succeed the KRI. It is such a great honor to be believed by DIKTI to be the host. Additionally, the contest robot would be continued from national to international level, particularly KRAI,” he uttered.

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