The Second ITFSS Acquaints Participants with Bugel Beach


Agrotechnology Student Association (ASS) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized International Tropical Farming Summer School (ITFSS) for Agrotechnology students. It has been conducted from 10 to 19 August 2016 and it focused on ‘Integrated Farming System in Tropical Area’. There were 18 participants from Indonesia and Thailand.

Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P. invited the participants to look at tropical farming system in Bugel beach. Farmers of Bugel apply tropical farming based on environemental adaptation. “Bugel is one of many coastal areas located in south of Yogyakarta city. As the coastal area in Indonesia, Bugel has dry season along the year, with precipitation not more than 1000 mm per year. However, the local farmers has utilized this area as a dry land to plant watermelon, chili, and other vegetables,” he explained.

The adaptation between farmers and environmental condition builds a strong experience. “The fundamental problem is how to maintain the soil to have enough capacity in water holding for the entire life process of plants. Farmers have good knowledge that, in dry condition and strong wind velocity, plants need more water supplies to balance water transpiration out from the leaves. The farmers can understand the condition since they have confronted the issue for years,” he inserted.

Additionally, an agrotechnology lecturer of UMY as well as the advisor of the ITFSS, Chandra Kurnia Setiawan, S.P., M.Sc., mentioned the schedule of the event. “Besides class session, the participants will have a field trip, group discussion, and social program, namely visiting several tourism places in Yogyakarta such as Brayut, Sleman,” he told.

Chandra also said the reason why the ITFSS was conducted in Yogyakarta. “Yogyakarta is one of the tropical areas in Indonesia and possesses complete specific area such as plateaus, middle plains, and beaches. Various plants can grow in the areas,” Chandra conveyed.

Chandra expected that tropical farming in Indonesia could be promoted to all of the world. As an annual event, Chandra wished that the ITFSS can attract participants from other countries so that the participants can share the agricultural system of their country. “People of all over the world need to recognize tropical farming in Indonesia. Indeed, the agricultural system can be applied in other countries. Indonesia also possesses local wisdoms to be promoted. I hope that the participants of the next ITFSS come from various countries,” he ended.


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