Teater Tangga Presents a Comedy Performance


Teater Tangga of Unviersitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) presented a comedy performance entitled ‘Ssst..Ups!’ by Bade Riswandi on Friday evening (3/5) at an auditorium Institut Francais Indonesia. It would also performed on Saturday (4/5). The ‘Ssst..Ups!’ told socio-political issues of Indonesia. It was adapted and directed by Iradat S. Ungkai and the cast were Harmas as Mimpi, Iradat S. Ungkai as Madenda, and Divo as a madman.

During the comedy performance, the actors had critical conversations. Chief of Teater Tangga stated, “My friends and I will organize the performance again in the end of this month, and we well perform the ‘Ssst..Ups!’. We have been preparing it for two and a half months.”

There are a lot of adaptations to the script. “The script has many social, educational, moral, and political values. We attempt to send the values through an entertainment. We wish that the audiences can achieve the values and feel amused,” he conveyed.

“After our last performance ‘Macbeth’ in Jakarta which the preparation took eight months, we try to prepare this show. We are willing to always learn and work,” he told.


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