Students of UMY Utilize Snail Shells and Eggshells for Fodder


Students of Universtas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) attempted to utilize snail’s shells and eggshells for fodder. The idea emerged when they noticed that a lot of snail’ shells and eggshells caused wastes in environment. They were encouraged to shift the wastes to something beneficial.

In an interview on Thursday (1/10) at office of Public Relation and Protocol Affairs, one of the members initiating the idea Juniar Anes Maliasiwi, an Accounting student, told that his team had examined the nutrient contents of the snail’s shells and eggshells which is good for livestock to consume. Thus, the team produced high nutrient fodder so-called ‘CANGKELUR’ (Snail’s Shells and Eggshells as High Nutrient and Cheep Fodder Alternatives). “High calcium for fodder cannot be complied by common fodder so that the eggshells are fruitful. For instance, when producing eggs, hens entail much calcium so that fodder made from the snail’s shells and eggshells are the solution to add the calcium need,” he stated.

The making process of the fodder made from snail’s shells and eggshells comprises several phases. First, the basic ingredients were washed and dried. Next, they were put in a roller to produce powder which later will be mixed in fodder. “The process is quite simple so that we are interested in developing this production because we only produced when we got order,” he inserted.

The effort of Anes and his friends was the result of submitting a proposal of PKM (Student Creativity Program) of Entrepreneurship category gained fund from Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI). “The notion is supported by DIKTI through providing us fund after we handed over a proposal,” he added.

Additionally, the team members are accounting students namely Jitya Ratu, J. Anes Marliasiwi, Fendi Ardiansyah, and Muhammad Kusuma Aji. They are also selected to represent UMY in the 28th PIMNAS in University of Halu Oleo on 5-9 October 2015. “Alhamdulillah, we can represent UMY in PIMNAS. May the program of utilizing snail’s shells and eggshells bring us to be the winner,” he expected.


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