Showing its Existence, Warung Prancis of UMY Holded a Cross Cultural Event

Warung Prancis of Universitas Muhammadiyah  Yogyakarta (WP UMY) showed its existence as the best Warung Prancis in Indonesia by conducting La Chandeleur event themed “Jour des Crepes” on Monday (05/02) in its Hall. The event which aimed to commemorate the celebration of season change was attended by students of junior high school, senior high school and college students. La Chandeleur was the premiere event organized by WP UMY.

The director of American Corner and Warung Prancis of UMY, Puthut Ardianto, M.Pd. explained that La Chandeleur is a celebration for French to be grateful as well as the celebrations commemorating the change of winter to spring. “It is added to Crepes as a round-shaped food like a warm sun,” Puthut said.

Puthut also stated that this event is a cross-cultural understanding that La Chandeleur is in France. Because mission of WP in UMY is on educational and cultural issues, it is one of cultural elements studied, and La Chandeleur event was held on the 2nd of February. “We carried out on 5th of February because of the visit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development of France,” told Puthut.

Puthut also claimed that the representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanted to know that how Warung Prancis in Indonesian media is about. He was interested to inspect directly, and Yogyakarta became the choice for the inspection since WP of UMY became the best WP ranked 1 out of 36 WP in all universities in Indonesia having relationship with Institute Francais Indonesia (IFI) since 2015.

In line with the director of WP UMY, the coordinator of WP, Whiby Tirta Ardianto also mentioned that WP of UMY has annual events held such as FêteDe La Culture, Francophonie week and many others.

La Chandeleur event was opened by introducing French cuisine like Crêpes, a thin pancake made of wheat and a very popular food throughout Europe. Guided by a French teacher at WP of UMY, Victoria, The event was also attended by students of junior high school, senior high school and college students.

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