RIC of Malaysia Notices Cooperation Potential among Muslim Communities

The great number of Muslim entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Malaysia can be utilized to empower community economy. In a visit by Ribhan International Consultancy (RIC) of Malaysia at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday (10/7), Research, Publishing, and Community Service Development Agency (LP3M) discussed the issue with parties of the RIC of Malaysia.

“In this occasion, we discussed understanding of community economy empowerment and it is expected to lead to cooperation between both parties. Indeed, the community possesses potential such as raw materials, capital, and market,” mentioned Gatot.

He inserted that the notion was in line with his proposed concept. “The potential enables them to create an integrated supply demand management. Muhammadiyah has implemented this concept that the members provide products marketed to the Muhammadiyah members themselves,” explained Gatot.

UMY as one of the Muhammadiyah educational institutions has applied the concept. “Some of UMY academicians’ needs are supplied by the Muhammadiyah members. UMY is a model of the system implementation. If the system has been stable and sustainable, we would like to implement it in all of Muhammadiyah areas in Indonesia,” stated Gatot.

He also told that the visit aimed at reinforce existing networking. “We wish that there would be other brands from Asian Muslim communities besides Indonesian and Malaysian community. Also, there would be a market for Asian Muslim community,” hoped Gatot.

Therefore, through the system, Muslim community network can be greater and can empower the people.

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