PKBH of UMY Conducts ‘Klinik Kemahiran Hukum’

Pusat Konsultasi dan Bantuan Hukum (PKBH – Center for Legal Consultation and Aids) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta conducted law training called Klinik Kemahiran Hukum (KLIMAKUM-Legal Skill Clinic) on batch III. It was organized on Saturday and Sunday (27-28/4) at meeting room of Faculty of Law, Building of Ki Bagus Hadikusumo E5, floor 3 and Stadium General of Faculty of Engineering, Building of Siti Walidah F1, floor 2.

The KLIMAKUM aimed to understand law concepts. Chief of the KLIMAKUM Committee Muchlas Rastra Samara Muksin, S.H. stated, “Students who have taken a law course are expected to refresh and reinforce their understanding through the KLIMAKUM. The training may assist students to learn law faster. Besides, the KLIMAKUM is one of the requirements for students to have an internship at the PKBH of UMY.

In an interview on Monday (29/4), Muchlas informed that there were several speakers in the training. “First, an advocate and legal practitioner Dr. Drs. H. Muh. Khambali, S.H., M.H. talked about the civil procedure code. Second, prosecutor of the Bantul Prosecutor Office Wahyu Dwi Oktafianto, S.H. presented criminal procedure law materials. Last, constitutional court was discussed by Oktryan Makta, S.H., M.H. who is an advocate, legal practitioner, and well-known as a legal adviser to Machicha Mukhtar in a case of the Rights of the Child Outside Marriage in the Constitutional Court,” he mentioned.

“In the training, participants gained the materials and an occasion to practice civil and criminal procedural legal document making. They worked on and presentede it individually,” ended Muchlas.

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