PBA UMY Successfully Upgraded from Accreditation “B” to Accreditation “A”

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta received another A accreditation, this time in the Arabic Language Education (PBA) study program based on the BAN-PT decision No. 5042 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / S / IX / 2020 which was set on Tuesday (1/9) with a score of 379. This score also succeeded in changing the study program’s accreditation status from “B” to “A”.

According to Arif Humaini, S.s., M.Hum, the dean of PBA UMY, this study is relatively new. The study program was founded in 2011 and received its first accreditation status of B In 2014. “In 2014, we received our first accreditation with the title B. Then in 2020 we received accreditation A through a fairly long process, “he said when met on Thursday (10/9) in the lecturer room of FPB UMY.

Arif also stated that preparations for accreditation had been carried out since one year before the team of assessors from BAN-PT conducted an accreditation visit accompanied by BPM UMY. “TThere were 7 assessment criteria that must be met in the accreditation assessment, namely vision and mission, governance, students, human resources, finance and assets, and research/service. This accreditation process involves lecturers, alumni and students and was conducted online from 24 to 25 August 2020,” he explained.

Furthermore, he also explained that he involved alumni and students who have achievements both at the national and international levels. “In the process of this accreditation visitation, we involved outstanding students who were previously uninvolved in the assessment criteria, in addition to alumni who are also actively involved with their own achievements,” he concluded.

Arif hopes that for future accreditation, PBA could improve the quality of human resources, both in lecturers and students. “Because we have received accreditation A, the number of assessment standards will increase to 9. Therefore, we hope that we can improve the quality of human resources at PBA UMY,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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