OSDI 2018: Islamic Values Are Assets for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) as a Muhammadiyah educational institution becomes a dakwah instrument for amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar (commanding the good and forbidding the evil). Thus, UMY conducted Orientasi Studi Dasar Islam (OSDI/Islamic Principle Study Orientation) for 5,374 freshmen of batch 2018 under the theme of ‘Islam-mu Islam Berkemajuan’ (Your Islam Is Progressive Islam).

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Sukamta, S.T., M.T. stated that millennial generations should be excellent intellectual and morals. “OSDI of UMY aims to instill strong principles of Islam. All discussed topics at this OSDI are expected to enhance students to learn Islam. Islamic teachings are valuable assets to be ‘complete’ individuals who are good at not only your areas of interest but also religious teachings as UMY tagline, Unggul dan Islami,” declared Dr. Sukamta.

He also explained that as cadres of Islam and this nation, students are required to benefit Indonesia. “As the OSDI theme, we expected that students understand Islam based on Muhammadiyah perspective, can implement Muhammadiyah teaching values, and can contribute to this nation,” hoped Sukamta.

At the end of his remark, Sukamta advised that world life may not hamper us to gain rewards for the hereafter. “I urge all students, particularly students of batch 2018, to prioritize faith and afterlife aspects, but we may not forget businesses in this world. Indeed, students should be viable when studying so that they can compete in Industrial Revolution 4.0,” he ended.

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