Muhammadiyah Should Evolve in the New Era

Central Board (PP) of Muhammadiyah conducted a national consolidation on Wednesday (8/3) at Hall of Masjid K.H. Ahmad Dahlan of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The consolidation was attended by all representatives of Muhammadiyah Regional Office from 34 provinces in Indonesia. Through the consolidation, Chairman of Central Board of Muhammadiyah, Dr. H. Haedar Nashir, M.Si delivered several points related to community movement and modern nationality.

Haedar declared that after the reformation era, new thoughts and perspectives emerged among people. “These thoughts become new flows we cannot prevent. Most of them went into mainstream organizations, including Muhammadiyah. At some point, we should preserve the ukhuwah (a fraternity). However, we also need to seek Islamic understanding and ideological values in the middle of this situation,” conveyed Haedar.

As to Haedar, all Muhammadiyah leaders should participate in the middle of the flows to conduct the tajdid (a renewal) and Muhammadiyah must stick into the Islam Wasathiyah (moderate Islam). Moreover, Haedar also mentioned about qualities and quantities of all members of Muhammadiyah. All members of Muhammadaiyah should be empowered, especially those who desire to get involved into politics.

Furthermore, Hadear also highlighted an issue related to disparity among Muhammadiyah business (AUM). In fact, Muhammadiyah still possesses huge amount of middle to lower levels of AUMs. Muhammadiyah emerges from a lower level, but always constructs the quality through strong networks and empowerment among the AUMs. “Our careful steps are more important to concern,” maintained Haedar.

Subsequently, Haedar also addressed about the bloom of social media as a free and open platform to express opinions. Hence, he called all Muhammadiyah cadres to conduct tabligh (deliverance) through social media. “We need a new design to reconstruct our da’wah (preaching) as a virtual community,” continued Haedar.

At the end of his speech, Haedar mentioned about current ummah problems that happen lately. He stated that Muhammadiyah should become a solution to show religious spirits.

To respond the result of election, Haedar concluded that Muhammadiyah should be tolerant. Muhammadiyah also need to cooperate with other parties winning the election. He emphasized that Muhammadiyah should become a body having great soul and strength that can bridge all parties. “This role is definitely not easy, but we must make an effort to it,” declared Haedar.

“Once a conflict happens, it is hard to unite all parties again. Muhammadiyah should demonstrate a concordance in the society. We surely will not be able to conduct da’wah if our nation is at dissent,” ended Haedar.

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