MoonSIM Academy Conducts an Enterprise Resource Planning Competition at UMY

Department of Accounting of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a lot of innovations to confront information technology development in Industrial Revolution 4.0. One of the innovations is integrating information system competence in a curriculum. Department of Accounting of UMY collaborated with Monsoon Simulation (MonsoonSIM) Academy to conduct MonsoomSIM Enterprise Resource Planning Competition 2018 on Tuesday-Thursday (7-9/8) at K.H. Ibrahim Building of UMY. 187 participants divided into 2 teams from 17 Indonesian universities joined the competition.

Head of the Department of Accounting of UMY Dr. Ahim Abdurrahim, S.E., M.Si., Ak., SAS, C.A. stated that there are demand shifts for accountants. “Industrial Revolution 4.0 enables many duties done automatically using information systems, so does accounting. For instance, clerical work has now employed an application. Thus, accountants are required to be able to analyze to make middle to top managerial decisions,” he told.

The competition aimed to promote information systems to arrange plans. “The competition is a forum to carry out experiential learning in planning a business utilizing an information system. In a manufacture business, a manager should consider many aspects to make a decision. For example, in a production, you have to take into account raw material prices, production costs, selling prices, and a value of human resources,” mentioned Ahim.

“This competition is valuable for learning at the Department of Accounting of UMY. Through the competition, students can experience and have data and information analysis competences in real time so that they can decide well. Students may also be able to combine information technology and accounting competences in work places,” expected Ahim.

Additionally, a team of UMY UNIQLOP finished the 2nd place. The team comprising of Alief Rizky Shibghotullah, Aji Prasbawara, Faishal Tsabit Pramadhani, Muhammad Fadhilullah, and Putri Puspa Dewi will represent Indonesia to compete in an international competition in Singapore in September 2018. Meanwhile, the winner and the second runner up was teams from Universitas Ciputra Jakarta.

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