MMR UMY Organizes Pelatihan Aktivasi Code Blue


The death of Yani Libels at airport of Soekarno Hatta several days ago would give a lesson for many people, particularly medical personnel. What happened to Yani Libels is often found at hospitals that patients suddenly get cardiac arrest and ultimately pass away. Nevertheless, medical teams focusing on handling the emergency are only few, and their skills have not been good yet.

Thus, based on the background, Master of Hospital Management of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (MMR UMY) organized Activation Training of Code Blue. The training took place for two days from Saturday (28/3) to Sunday (29/3) at Hospital of PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping, Yogyakarta. It was attended by all students of MMR UMY, Manager of Clinic who is doctors or nurses from UMY-affiliated hospital as well as several government and local hospitals in Indonesia.

According to Head of MMR UMY dr. Erwin Santosa, Sp.A., M.Kes., Code Blue is a team established by hospital to control patients getting unexpected cardiac arrest. They ought to attempt to save the heart-attack patients for less than six minutes. “There would be Primary Team and Secondary Team. Primary team encompasses of securities, office boys, nurses, and doctors who acknowledge how to cope with and save heart-attack patients, so-called Basic Life Support (BHD). While, Secondary Team comprises of special team of doctors and nurses who are more professional and expert in advanced handling, namely Advanced Cardiac Life Support (BHL),” he elucidated.

The Basic Life Support (BHD) could be chest compression, and the BHL is carried out employing tool aids, advance breath tool, and medicine to trigger heartbeat.

  1. Erwin stated that the event aimed at providing apparent lessons to students and recommendation to other hospitals which have not recognized Code Blue. “Therefore, we not only understand the theory but also could practice it. It is expected that no more hospital would not have Code Blue and could not handle heart-attack patients,” he asserted.

Moreover, dr. Nahar Taufiq, Heart KSM of RSUD dr. Sardjito, Yogyakarta, delivered Cardiac Arrest Prevention Strategies and Activation of Code Blue. Code Blue ideally has special team of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (BHL). The team could be listed on medical personnel shifts so that, when there are patients getting cardiac arrest, they could be helped rapidly and well. “If they are willing to call the special team of code blue, the hospital should agree with what code they are going to use, 119, 118, or 117. Additionally, the language used by the one who reports condition of cardiac patients should be clear so that they would be handled hurriedly,” he conveyed.

To provide understanding for all participants, dr. Nahar also invited a team of Code Blue from RSUD dr. Sardjito. The team taught students how to handle cardiac patients well in order that that could be saved less than six minutes.

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