Minister of ESDM Should Protect State Sovereignty


Many people queried who were elected as a new minister and deputy minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) were elected on Friday (14/10). Nevertheless, whoever becomes the minister and deputy minister have to be able to protect sovereignty of Republic of Indonesia since Ministry of ESDM possesses essential roles in this state.

An interview on Saturday (15/10), a politic observer of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Tunjung Sulaksono, S.IP., M.Si. stated that Indonesia has abundant energies and resources. Issues of these aspects are crucial so that minister of ESDM should able to maintain them and prosper the people.

“I think that it is a right decision for President Jokowi to inaugurate former Minister of Transportation, Ignatius Jonan, as Minister of ESDM. Jonan is a firm man who is able to break down managerial system. Jonan successfully managed KAI (Indonesian Train, ed.) so that President Jokowi believes that Jonan can reform managerial issues in this nation,” conveyed Tunjung who is also a political study lecturer of UMY.

To be Minister of ESDM, it is not necessary for the selected minister to master the field, but his structural positions can be the consideration. “If President thinks that Minister of ESDM should be an expert of the field, it will be quite hard. Jonon is considered the one understanding President’s wills and orders,” he argued.

Responding and issue of Deputy Minister of ESDM, Archandra Tahar, assumed to have the US citizenship and inaugurated as Minster of ESDM in 27 July, Tunjung saw that President Jokowi did not think too much of the issue. After the issue emerged, this state helped him to undertake a citizenship change. “Ministers are President’s assistants. If they have capability and professionalism, President possesses prerogative rights to reshuffle the cabinet. If they are not able to achieve President’s targets, they have to be ready to be shifted,” he emphasized.

“The collaboration between a management expert and a gas and oil expert in Ministry of ESDM may protect this nation sovereignty. Indeed, energy sectors in Indonesia is managed by certain individuals or groups who have interests in it,” Tunjung expected.


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