Communication Science Student of UMY Achieve the Most Favorite Film in Bandung


After achieving the best comedy film of Festival Taman Film Bandung on May, a film entitled ‘Nilep’ by Communication Science students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) attained the most favorite film of Festival Film Moviestival organized by P.T. Pos Indonesia in Bandung on Sunday and Monday (27-28/9). It was announced in Gedung Wahana Bakti Pos.

In an interview on Wednesday (30/9), Wahyu Agung Prasetyo informed that ‘Nilep’ is a film telling a number of children debated since one of them stole a toy. The others blamed the toy thief and ultimately he returned the toy to the seller via post. “The story illustrated that there are positives aspects hidden in children’s simple characteristics. They were honesty and responsibility,” he told.

Wahyu, who was also the film director, stated that the film won over 325 other films joining the competition. “Of 325 films, 19 films were selected and then 4 of them were nominated. Alhamdulillah, we became the most favorite film,” he added.

Additionally, the film was produced less than a month. The film crew was Ludi Oji, Elena Rosmeisara, Sarah Dwi Putri, Adska Dora, Fauzan Ridwan, Dela Amanda, Rizki Pratama, Egha M. Harismina, and Prasida Yogi. They admitted that they confronted barriers because the film making was along with the due date of their work on accomplishing their skripsi (undergraduate thesis). “We got difficulty in managing time since we were writing our skripsi and the film making was ongoing process. However, we were glad that we could produce the film well,” stated Wahyu.

Furthemore, the other achievements of Wahyu and his friends were the best short film nomination of Pekan Film Yogyakarta 2014, the best picture Winner Algorythem in UGM 2014, Official Selection Psychofest 2014, Out of Competition XXI Short Film Festival 2015, Official Selection Malang Film Festival 2015, the best story of Festival Film Indie Lampung 2015, and the best comedy film of Festival Taman Film Bandung in May 2015. “We will always produce film and we wish that we can join and be the winner in international film festival,” he expected.

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