Magnetical Power Plant: An Alternative to Cope with Electrical Issues in Indonesia


Industrial and residential development in Indonesia is expected to become one of the efforts to develop this country in infrastructure sector. It is a huge development that Indonesia may be able to comply their citizens’ need and foster the industries. Besides, the elevation number of residences and industries leads to the increasing of electrical need that the fuel need also lifts. In fact, the fuel for power plants used in Indonesia is non renewable.

Government carries out rolling blackout to confront the issue. Nevertheless, the solution is considered less appropriate since it may inflict a financial loss of consumers, particularly home industries and residences. Thus, it is necessary a solution to create huge electrical energy which entails less fuel. Noticing the fact, students of Electrical Engineering of Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) coined an alternative to overcome the issue by designing Magnetical Power Plant.

In an interview at office of Public Relation and Protocol Affairs on Friday (2/10), Yugi Supanggah stated that the Magnetical Power Plant employed Maissner Effect in superconductor, a material having exactly zero resistance when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature. “The concept of magnetical power plant is through applying the superconductor theory to produce mechanical energy for spinning turbine to create electrical energy which is environmentally friendly and can diminish the use of fossil fuel,” he informed.

Yugi inserted that the use of the magnetical power plant system is much more effective that the use of fossil fuel since the magnetical power plant does not employed fossil fuel and the produced electricity can be used to fulfill the electrical need in Indonesia. “Magnetical power plant is designed using renewable energy and provides a faster, effective, enormous alternative to face electrical issues in Indonesia,” he asserted.

Furthermore, one of the magnetical power plant designers conveyed that the magnetical power plant mechanism encompasses power plant management located in several supporting areas having wide area and using PLTD and PLTU (oil and colas). The magnetical power plant performance was immediately monitored by the government. Hence, the power plant issues regarding technical error, operating error, and other public needs will be controlled well,” he affirmed.

Adnan continued that work principles of magnetical power plant are though utilizing attracting and repelling force of superconductor magnet. When south pole meets the other south pole, there will be repelling force, so will the north pole meet the other north pole. In the same time, north pole will attract south pole so that the spinner will move forward. The movement will in line and will be used to spin the generator turbine. Therefore, generator will produce electrical energy without sossil fuel. The rotation will be efficient if the resistance is zero so that it should be in critical temperature utilizing nitrogen to reduce the temperature. “Magnetical power plant is safe since it only uses permanent magnet as a medium of power plant. Thus, it will assist government to add electrical energy and to diminish the use of fossil fuel,” told Adnan.

Additionally, the notion off magnetical power plant was created by Yugi Supanggah, Bismar Ahmad Wafiq, and Muhammad Adnan Syarief. They will compete in PIMNAS 28 on 5-9 October in University of Halu Oleo Kendari. “We have passed Student Creativity Program (PKM) of Gagasan Tertulis (Written Notion) of Scientific Article organized by Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI), and we will represent UMY in the PIMNAS with the other four teams. We believe that we will achieve the best of this PIMNAS,” Adnan stated optimistically.

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