LSP UMY Undergoes Full Assesment from BNSP

To receive a license from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP), the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta underwent a full assessment from BNSP. The full assessment took place over three days, Thursday to Saturday (24-26 / 7) at the UMY Central campus. LSP UMY aims to provide professional certification to students.

The UMY Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sukamta MT stated that UMY is committed to provide professional certification services to students who would graduate. This was stated at the opening session of the full assessment agenda on the second day, Saturday (7/25) in the 5th Floor Meeting Room of the AR Fachruddin A Building. “The existence of LSP UMY is intended to provide professional certification to students in a variety of plans,” explained Sukamta.

According to him, LSP UMY would be assisted with the launching of the concept of an independent learning campus by the Ministry of Education and Culture. This concept provides an opportunity for universities to provide facilities to students in order to achieve competence in accordance with their specialization.

“Therefore, we aim to wholeheartedly establish LSP UMY. Hopefully, with this full assessment, LSP UMY can be officially established for the first time. I hope that the hard work of the UMY LSP team can produce results so that 2 years of preparation can be paid off,” continued Sukamta.

The BNSP assessor team that was led by Dyan Sumanti and included Sylvia Wahyuni as a member conducted a document check and visited seven Competency Test Sites (TUK) in UMY. “UMY’s preparation in establishing LSP through various programs can hopefully be completed with a full assessment, and UMY will continue to coordinate with BNSP because LSP is an extension of BNSP. Hopefully, there is no faults in the documents prepared by LSP UMY today,” explained Dyan Sumanti.

In response, Sukamta stated that UMY was very committed to continuing to coordinate with BNSP and hoped that UMY’s LSP could immediately obtain a license in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. “Representing LSP UMY, we are grateful for the guidance that has been provided by BNSP. We hope that after this LSP UMY can undergo the witnessed process,” he concluded. (Hbb)

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