LSP UMY Obtains BNSP License

The Professional Certification Institute (LSP), of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakata (UMY) successfully obtained a license from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). “We have been doing initial preparations to establish LSP UMY for the past year, and despite the pandemic we are still trying to achieve this even though we have to work from home,” explained Dr. Filosa Gita Sukmono, director of LSP UMY, Thursday (3/9). Filosa added that this license was obtained after the issuance of the decision of the chairman of the BNSP Number KEP.1346 / BNSP / VIII / 2020.

There are seven schematics that have successfully obtained a license from BNSP, namely the Television Producer Certification Schematic, the Strategic Planner Certification Schematic, the Public Affair Analyst Certification Schematic, the Agribusiness Marketing Manager Certification Schematic, the Plant Cultivation Inspector Certification Schematic, the Industrial Automation Senior Technician Certification Schematicand the Intermediate Accounting Certification Schematic. “In the future, we will try to get more licenses for LSP UMY so that all students in all study programs at UMY can take a competency test with a BNSP license before graduation,” added Filosa, who is also a lecturer at the UMY Communication Study Program.

UMY Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sukamta MT gave his appreciation for the achievement of LSP UMY. “With this license, UMY will be more competitive in learning, lecture achievements and graduate profiles in accordance with the Indonesian National Competency Qualification Standards,” explained Sukamta. Sukamta added that with the LSP UMY, students in the future, in addition to getting a diploma, will also get a competency certificate according to the competency scheme that they have participated in. “The existence of LSP UMY is part of our efforts to equip and facilitate students who are about to graduate to have more value when they enter the world of work,” he concluded.

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