LP3M of UMY Publishes a Civics Book-Based Islamic Values


Civics is a compulsory subject for all Indonesian high school or university students. Most of topics discussed in the subject are dealing with how to be a good citizen. Noticing the fact, Research, Publishing, and Community Service Development Agency (LP3M) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) published a civics book inserting Muhammadiyah’s and Islamic values so that readers and students can implement civic values underlain on Islamic values.

The aforementioned paragraph was uttered by a representative of Publishing Division of LP3M of UMY Budi Nugroho in a civics book review on Saturday (10/10) at meeting hall of LP3M, Floor 2, Building D. On the book review was also invited an anthropological professor of University of Boston of the United States. It was discussed that Muhammadiyah does not only teach Islamic values but also foster sciences.

Furthermore, the book was revised twice since it published in 2002. Budi conveyed that the book has been employed for civics course at UMY and other universities like UM Solo, Malang, and Surabaya. LP4M of UMY also wrote a civics teaching method book so that teachers will not get difficulty in the addition of Islamic values.

He also informed that LP3M of UMY also wrote civics a book for senior high school students. “The book has been used as a reference at Universities of Muhammadiyah in Maluku, Palembang, and Yogyakarta,” he mentioned. Civics integrating Islamic values is expected to construct students’ Islamic characteristics in citizenship.

Civics has been taught since early age. “Thus, civics is a course that students will remember and apply the knowledge. The addition of Islamic values on the book may create readers’ characteristics,” Budi wished.

Additionally, a professor of Islam and Society course of University of Boston Robert W. Hefner appreciated the book published by LP3M of UMY. He argued that Muhammaiyah is the best organization in Indonesia and in the world. It is an organization not only establishing Islamic values but also concerning with scientific development. “In other Muslim countries, like Syria, a lot of Islamic values deviate, while most of non-Muslim people notice what occurs in Syria is the reflection of Islam itself even though it is not true at all. Therefore, Muhmmadiyah ought to exist in the world to clarify western people’s perception on Islam,” he contended.

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