Lecturers of PSIK UMY Addresses Tuberculosis and Stunting in Their Community Service Program as a Form of Caring for Children’s Health

Children’s health is an important issue that needs more attention. Some of the diseases that often afflict children include stunting and tuberculosis. Until now, there are still many parties and parents who do not know about stunting cases in children. Stunting is a condition of chronic malnutrition in children caused by inadequate nutritional intake, especially during the first thousand days of birth. Apart from stunting, what needs to be considered is tuberculosis (TB), which is an infectious disease that has caused the most number of deaths in the world. This disease does not only affect adults, but can also occur in children. TB cases in children in Indonesia are estimated to reach more than 1 million new cases each year and are found in children aged 0 to 14 years.

After realizing the importance of knowledge related to stunting and tuberculosis, UMY Nursing Study Program Lecturers in collaboration with the Brajan Kasihan Hamlet Clinic for Toddlers and TB Care of Aisyiyah Tamantirto Utara organized a series of community service themed around improving children’s health. This community service activity which started on March 15, 2020 is part of the UMY LP3M Community Partnership Program (PKM). This service was headed by Syahruramdhani, MSN and Falasifah Ani Yuniarti, MAN. “This community service activity started in March and was carried out in conjunction with the clinic’s monthly activities in Brajan Hamlet,” said Syahru.

This community service is in the form of health awareness on Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) and prevention of tuberculosis (TB). “We provide health education about PHBS and TB prevention. In addition, we also provide complimentary education classes for mothers who participate in the clinic. After conducting counseling, we carried out the next series of activities through Whatsapp social media because of the pandemic situation,” he added.

This service activity is hoped to improve the health condition of the children, as the children is the future of the nation. (dead)

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