Lecturers of Department of Dentistry of UMY Present Papers at the APDC 2018 in Manila, the Philippines

Eight lecturers of Department of Dentistry of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) participated in the 40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC) on 7-11 May 2018 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, the Philippines. Raising a theme of ‘Intensifying Professionalism in Synergy with Dental Science and Technology,’ the congress was organized along with the 109th Philippine Dental Association (PDA) Congress and attended by dentists and lecturers from 32 countries of Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Explained by drg. Sartika Puspita, M.D.Sc., the Asia Pacific Dental Congress was conducted by Asia Pacific Dental Association (APDA) as a part of Federation Dental International (FDI) in which Indonesia Dentist Association (PDGI) is included. The APDC 2018 in Manila is an annual event held in a different country each year.

The APDC 2018 comprised a plenary type, round table discussion, small group discussion, workshop, dental material and equipment exhibition, oral presentation and poster presentation. The congress aimed to enhance skills and knowledge of dentists and lecturers. Indeed, joining the congress, lecturers of UMY sought to apply one of the three principle of higher education of Indonesia (tri dharma perguruan tinggi), namely research and publication, and to support an internalization program of YMT and to expand networking with people with the same profession and international institutions as an effort to improve the lecturers’ quality and accreditation.

Besides, six lecturers of UMY were oral presenters while the others were poster presenters. Here are the lecturers with their research paper: Re-treatment of Second Lower Left Premolar Tooth Type III Vertucci Classification with Periapical Abscess (Case Report) by drg. Erma Sofiani, Sp.KG; The Viability of Fibroblast Pulp Cells to Cocoon Bombyx Mori L as Direct Pulp Capping Material by drg. Sartika Puspita, M.D.Sc.; Space Maintainer with Double Tube Combination to Movement of Arch” (Case Series) by drg. Laelia Dwi Anggraini, Sp.KGA; The Correlation Between Dental Search Status and Quality of Live (OHRQL-Oral Health Related Quality of Live) of Elder People in Budi Luhur Nursing Home Bantul 2017 by . drg. Sri Utami, MPH; Correlation between Knowledge and Behavior of Dental Care and Oral Health with Periodontal Health Status in Elderly (Study of Nursing Home Abiyoso) by drg. Novitasari Ratna Astuti, MPH; Clove Filter Cigarette and Bitter Taste Sensitivity in Active Smoker by drg. RR. Pipiet Okti Kusumastiwi, MPH; The Role of Peripheral Seal in Complete Denture Retention: A Case Report by drg. Fahmi Yunisa, Sp.Pros.; and Comparative of Tensile Strength between Resin Cement and Glass Ionomer Cement Type I to Nano Hybrid Composite Resin in Direct Veneer Restoration by drg. Widyapramana Dwi Atmaja, M.D.Sc.

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