KKN UMY Are Going Back to Conduct Community Service in Lotim

The students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in Generasi Indonesia Mengabdi (Genesia) #3 community are back to do a community service (KKN) in Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat. The service is a concrete substantial concern of students toward condition of society in 3T (the frontier, outermost, and remote) areas. In addition, the community service will be conducted in Sajang, Sembalun, Lombok Timur.

Reported from, Ahmad Subhan, head of public relation in Lombok Timur welcomed the students as Genesia representative on Thursday, January 18 and said it has been two years in a row that UMY has conducted KKN in Sajang. By selecting Sajang, Subhan expected that the development of Sajang can be increasingly thriven. “For two years, we’ve already been in corporation with UMY to conduct KKN, and it is hoped that there will be an improvement if it’s necessary,” he declared.

Subhan also added that Sajang is one of developing and attractive village for tourist destinations. Besides, the village is one of entrance for mountain climbing of Rinjani, this mountain is also claimed as World Geo Park. Therefore, by the presence of students to conduct KKN, they can assist the government of Lotim.

The same idea was also delivered by the chief of Genesia, Hairunnisa. She argued that Sajang was chosen as the place to do KKN because they wanted to continue the program whom the previous group, Genesia #2 has already done. During the program, they shared knowledge as well with all society around especially in tourism development since at the moment Sajang is one of entrance for Rinjani Mountain. “The number of UMY students involving in this community service are 50 students. This is also an ongoing KKN because previously UMY has sent students to conduct KKN for two times in this village. In this program, we also have sharing season to transfer knowledge that we have,” he explained.

Besides, Hairunnisa also thought that the service that they will give to Sajang society is not only one, and there will be some programs offered. “There will be many programs we’ve prepared for society there since the students of this KKN are from several faculties,” he told.


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