KKN UMY 185 Empowers Local Potential by Producing Wingko and Taro Chips

People in Sebatan, Kokap, Hargotirto have yet utilized local potential. To assist the people, students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) associated in a team of KKN 185 performing community service in Sebatang sought to raise the people’s awareness to employ the local potential to yield competitive products in Kulonprogo, particularly in Hargotirto.

Chief of KKN 185 Akmal Hamedan stated that his team empowered the local potential through training in coconut and taro processing. “The coconuts and taros are used to make wingko and taro chips, typical food of Sebatang,” told Akmal in an interview on Wednesday (29/8).

Akmal informed that the training in ‘Local Potential Empowerment to Enhance Economy of Sebatang’ was appreciated by people of Sebatang. “The training was conducted at a house of Head of Pembina Kesejahteraan Kelurga (PKK) of Sebatang Mrs. Ibu Islamiyati on 20-21 August. Attended by 10 representatives from Sebatang. They were enthusiastic about participating in the training. May the training result sustainable products,” he said.

Akmal stated that the products was marketed on Monday (27/8). 150-gram taro chips cost 13,000 rupiahs with three flavors, namely original, sweet corn and balado. We sold the products at Water traditional market that we achieved positive responses. “Thus, we expect that people of Sebatang will continue the program to develop their economy,” he wished.

Additionally, speakers of the training were from Department of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Micro Enterprises of Special Region of Yogyakarta, Department of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Micro Enterprises of Kulonprogo, Department of Trade of Kuloprogo and a practitioner Mrs. Denik invited by Department of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Micro Enterprises of Kulonprogo.

Meanwhile, members of the KKN 85 were Dhinda Hayyuni Hanifa Widyastuti (Department of Accounting), Widiasari Oktafianti (Department of Accounting), Nabilah Rimadhani (Department of Accounting), Sri Rahayu Ardianti (Department of Japanese Language Education), Adilla Varoka Utty (Department of Japanese Language Education), Ratna Ayu Sitara Wulan (Department of Japanese Language Education), Akmal Hamedan Bashoni (Department of Islamic Banking), Agung Setyabudi (Department of Islamic Banking), Dimas Angga Anjasmara (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and Gunawan Wibisono (Department of Mechanical Engineering).

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