Kemristekdikti Targets 8000 Nationally Accredited Journals

Nowadays, Indonesia possesses more than 36000 national journals from various disciplines. However, only 2450 journals hold national accreditation. This number, in fact, is pretty insufficient because Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) of Indonesia requires high publications for the journals. Hence, Kemristekdikti performs many attempts to add 8000 standardized journals for this year. To achive the goal, Kemristekdikti collaborated with Office of Research, Publications, and Community Service (LP3M) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducting a program entitled Assistance and Acceleration of Accreditation of Electronic Scientific Journal and Equation of Perception of Assessors. The program was held from Tuesday to Wednesday (21-22/5) at Harper Hotel of Yogyakarta.

Head of Scientific Journal Facilities, Directorate of Intellectual Property Management of Kemristekdikti, Dr. Lukman stated that Kemristekdikti now obliges all lecturers to own publications in journals. “Kemristekdikti also enforces this policy to all master and doctoral students. Therefore, we must conduct journal acceleration to achieve our goal. We target all higher educations to submit at least 1800 nationally accredited journals,” conveyed Lukman.

On the first day, assistance and acceleration involve all journal management associations and national assessors. “We invite 83 assessors so that we hope the program will result to 1600 journals. We also conduct an activity to equate assessors’ perceptions related to journals they will assist. The assessors will rate and rank the journals. Kemristekdikti assign the assessors to assist journal assessments all over Indonesia. Besides, we also implicate 40 journal associations from various field of studies,” maintained Lukman.

Lukman informed that for this year, Kemristekdikti will be more active to conduct the program. He explained, “Previously, Kemristekdikti found a difficulty to determine how many journals to publish because all journal managements took way too long to submit their journals. Now, we gather all journal managements in one place then we provide them with assistance and training. The very reason why many journals remained unpublished was because the journal managements felt too ashamed or scared to publish their journals. Through our assistance, we can render them with journal guidance that corresponds to national standards, based on managerial aspect. For this year, we target 8000 journals and content assistance for the following year.”

Lukman also uttered that the assessors will visit several cities in Indonesia to conduct journal assistance. He asserted, “We will conduct intense visits a few months ahead. Eventually, we will start conducting assessor training and scientific journal assistance.”

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