Karang Taruna DIY and MIP Collaborate in Establishing School of Rural Government Apparatus



Karang Taruna (neighborhood youth organization) DIY, Master of Governmental Studies and Jusuf Kalla School of Government (JKSG) of Unversitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) would establish School of Rural Government Apparatus. It was a long term response of MIP and JKSG UMY and Karang Taruna DIY by legalizing Village Law No. 6/2014.

A public discussion organized by MIP UMY on Tuesday (26/2) in Building of A.R. Fachruddin B Floor 5 UMY discussed “Implementation of Village Law, between Opportunity and Threat”. Those three institutes agreed to build the school to assist community in rural areas confront Village Law. In fact, in DIY it is accounted 393 villages which 37 villages are located in Bantul. “Thus, it is hoped that there would be academicians helping villages to encounter Village Law. On the Law government authorizes villages entirely to manage the area,” told Didik Joko Nugroho, Secretary-General of Karang Taruna DIY.

On contrast, the authority led to public worry which might affect law and other issues. So that, Didik argued that the community need providing training and guidance in facing the law.

Besides School of Rural Government Apparatus, Karang Taruna DIY would launch School of Village. This school is a program of community empowerment and reinforcement. Didik thought that of many village authorities the threat came from the human resources.

“It is necessary to undertake activities to enhance human resources in order that they are capable of their fields and able to accomplish their duty well. It also aims at fostering process of community monitoring and participation. Moreover, there are many legal village income resources arranged on the law, article 72 (1),” Didik continued.

Additionally, a lecturer of Governmental Studies David Efendi, M.A. conveyed that one of the occasions of the law is that a village could change the area and governmental management effectively. “Later, the village would carry out useful development, coaching, and community empowerment through the roles of higher education and the rise of thematic community service. Hence, higher education could remain providing community service tangibly,” he uttered.

Several authorities of Village Law comprise the authority of implementation of rural administration, rural development, rural social coaching, and rural community empowerment based community initiative, rights, and customs.

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