Indonesian Robots Will Be Evolved to Be Social Robots

Indonesia robotics is predicted to develop rapidly. Several robotic scientists from higher education in Indonesia have planned the development of Indonesian robots. Creative hand-made robots would be evolved as social robots. Various studies of life phenomena and social issues to support the plan have been conducted.

Prof. Dr. Mauaridhi Hery Purnomo, a researcher of Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS), uttered the aforementioned paragraph as being the speaker of the 3rd Indonesian Symposium on Robot Soccer Competition. The symposium was event series of national level of Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) 2015 conducted on Thursday (11/6) at meeting hall of A.R. Fachruddin A of UMY.

According to Prof. Mauridhi, Indonesian robots are fostered to be social robots. The social robots are a system of robots having social intelligence. The robots are designed to understand human as face and voice. “Thus, the robots could communicate with human. We could also develop the robots perfectly even though they are not as perfect as human,” he conveyed.

He elucidated that many aspects of social robots could be examine because they could assist human. “We just have to choose which one we would focus on as helping deaf and mute people. The robots are for assisting them interact with other people.”

Therefore, the social robots are closely related to daily activities. The robots are created to cope with human difficulties. “The social robots are dealing with daily activities and helping the special need people,” he inserted.

Furthermore, Dr. Endra Pitowardno, General Chairman of Indonesian Contest robot (KRI) 2015 stated that Indonesian Robot Soccer Competition (IRSC) would be the benchmark of the next robot competition. “IRSC would be the benchmark of the robot contest and always would be linked to human prosperity.

He expected that the yield of the symposium engaging Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSI) 2015 could be included in index of Scopus. Therefore, their scientific writings could become references for many people including students joining the robot contest.

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