Indonesia Robot Contest 2015 Is Officially Opened


National level of Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2015 was officially opened today (Saturday, 13/6) at 7 am. The opening ceremony of KRI 2015 was conducted on 10.30 am. It began emerging a two-meter green robot of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) and defile of representatives of 59 universities joining KRI 2015.

Governor of DIY Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X represented by Head of Department of Education, Youth, and Sport Drs. R. Kadarmanto Baskoro Aji stated that being the host of the robot contest is the evidence that Yogyakarta has huge commitment and consistence to fostering sciences, technology, art, and culture. Thus, Sultan entirely supports the contest robot since it would be an occasion for youth to be aware of technology development. “I wish the next robot contest could be technology tourism,” he hoped.

Moreover, Secretary General of Kemenristek of DIKTI Prof. Ainun Na’im officially opened the KRI 2015. He asserted that the advancement could be noticed from the emergence of robots, but it does not imply that human work is getting decrease. He gave an instance that accountants would alleviate when ATM existed. In fact, the number of accountants is increasing as twice as before. “Then, what would human do? What human does is much more valuable activities,” he explained.

Furthermore, Rector of UMY Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. delivered his remark expressing his thank for giving UMY an occasion to be the host of KRI 2015. He asserted that KRI 2015 has close relation to ASEAN Economic Community 2015. “Through this KRI, universities in Indonesia could be ready to confront ASEAN Economic Community 2015 and to compete with other South East Asia countries,” he inserted.

In addition, Chief of KRI 2015Slamet Riyadi, Ph.D. conveyed that, before going to national level, the participants compete in regional level: Regional I (Sumatera, Bangka Belitung, and Bangka), Regional II (Jakarta and West Java), Regional III (Central Java and Yogyakarta), and Regional IV (East Java and Madura), and Regional V (Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and East of Indonesia). “There are 108 teams of 59 universities joining KRI 2015 consisting of 18 teams of KRSI, 50 teams of KRPAI, 12 teams of KRSBI, and 28 teams of KRAI,” he mentioned. He added that the total of participants is 571 people comprising of group leaders, participants, and supervisors.

Slamet also said that the winner of KRI 201 would represent Indonesia in International ABU Robocon in August at UMY. “It is expected that KRI would enhance competitiveness and creativity of students in robots so that technology and innovation of this country would evolve,” Slamet Riyadi ended his remark.

The official opening of KRI 2015 was carried out by pressing buzzer button. There was also giving a trophy from Sepuluh November Institute of Technology represented by Prof. Herman Sasongko General Secretary of Reistek of Dikti Prof. Ainun Na’im and then it is given to Rector of UMY Prof. Dr. Bambang Cipto, M.A. as the host of KRI 2015. It was continued by traditional dance performance collaborating with the modern robot.

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