In the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Business People Should Utilize Technology

The world has entered the industrial revolution 4.0 that urges all industries to utilize advanced technologies. People who cannot come along with the current development are more likely to be left behind. In the business sector, business people must survive and utilize proper technologies to innovate.

Director of Bank Pembangunan Daerah (BPD) of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Drs. Santoso, M.M. explained that all business people who cannot follow the flow will be left behind. He also informed that bank becomes one of many financial institutions that should utilize advanced technologies appropriately. “If banks do not rely on the proper information technology, they will be forsaken by their customers,” conveyed Santoso in a Workshop on Creative Business in Disruptive Innovation 4.0, conducted by Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The workshop was held at Graduate Building of UMY on Saturday (27/4).

Santoso also uttered that Financial Technology (Fintech) should be utilized by business practitioners as a means to develop and expand business partners. “Somehow, Fintech can be used as a means to reach customers in certain levels,” maintained Santoso.

Moreover, the workshop invited a CEO of ESRI Indonesia, Dirgantara Tamrizi. He delivered that artificial intelligence technology nowadays can compete human intelligence in some aspects. Hence, Dirgantara warned that human intelligence should be upgraded so that people can still utilize the technology advancement. He continued, “We should wonder whether we are competent enough to confront the industrial revolution 4.0. People must seek things that ease them to comprehend all changes of digital technology. If we are fast enough, we will not be left behind.”

Meanwhile, Ir. H. Heppy Trenggoda, M.Kom. a member of Indonesia Islamic Business Forum (IIBF) apprised that Indonesian people are very consumptive and easily to be affected by the technology advancement. He stated that Indonesia is the second most consumptive country in the world. “Nowadays, all foreign business practitioners put Indonesia as a sitting duck,” maintained Heppy.

Heppy also explained that people can anticipate by consuming local products of Indonesia. People should grow entrepreneurial vigor that evocates people to fancy the local products.

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