Governmental Studies Conducts ‘Klinik Skripsi’ for Final Year Students

Undergraduate students in Indonesia are required to conduct an undergraduate research project to gain their bachelor’s degree. The project is often considered a tough requirement. To shift the negative paradigm, Department of Governmental Studies of Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized ‘Klinik Skripsi’ (Thesis Clinic) on Wednesday (27/9) at room E.7., building of K.H. Ibrahim.

Head of Department of Governmental Studies Dr. Muhammad Zaenuri, M.Si. informed that the thesis clinic aimed to provide students guidance of undergraduate thesis writing. “Undergraduate thesis writing has been developing and it is now different from what I wrote. The writing format has changed and the topic as well the findings have varied. Thus, I believe that this clinic will be valuable for students, this department, and the study itself,” stated Zaenuri in his remark.

The thesis clinic provides tips to ease students to accomplish their thesis writing. “This clinic will attempt to trigger students’ curiosity of various topics which will most possibly be their thesis topic. I encourage students to find a topic broadening their knowledge and skills, and they just write it carelessly as long as it is done,” emphasized Zaenuri when discussing a thesis issue which has been widely examined.

During their study, students have been offered various courses which are beneficial to write the undergraduate thesis. “This department afforded Bases of Logic, and now we provide Research Methodology and other courses that students need to write the thesis. Indeed, students can begin writing their thesis when they have taken all core courses so that they can focus on their thesis,” explained Zaenuri.

Students can collaborate with lecturers who are conducting research to find a topic. “For instance, I am now investigating Islamic tourism. I can study many aspects of the issues such as governance, public responses, and accountability of this tourism. Hence, I expect this clinic can guide students to write their undergraduate thesis,” ended Zaenuri.

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