Going to International Robocon, Robominton Are Tightened

Regulations of Indonesia ABU Robot Contest (KRAI) 2015 are getting tighter than last year. It was uttered by Chief of judges of KRAI Wahidin Wahab in technical meeting of KRAI on Friday (12/6) at A.R. Fachruddin A, Floor 5, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). KRAI is a contest of Robominton, a robot playing badminton.

Attending the technical meeting were 2 representatives of participants and 10 judges. The judges explained the regulations of the contest to 28 teams. The contest would employ game pattern 4-3-4-3 in 3 elimination rounds, and the 28 teams would have 12 matches of each round.

The judges would also tighten the game arena. It is only allowed 6 people coming to the arena, and 3 people wearing a helmet and vest could prepare the robot in the arena while the operator should be in gray arena side. The judges emphasized that, except participants, no body might come to the arena including the supervisor.

“The participants have two minutes after the participant number is summoned up. If the judges call the number more than twice, the team would be disqualified. Then, the participants would enter to color spot. Red is for odd number participants, and blue is for even number participant. Red and blue would later have a match. In the center arena, the robot has to wait for warning tone from the judge to serve. If it has been 5 seconds and the robot does not serve, the team is lost. It is different from a match in regional that it was fine if they prepared still after getting warning tone,” mentioned Wahidin.

The participants are also prohibited to bring compressor or reserve battery or reserve air bottle. “It always occurred in regional and national level last year, and we would now not tolerate it anymore,” he stressed. He warned that the each team must obey the regulations. “If there is a team complaining the regulations, the judge will disqualify the team. However, we will consider whether or not the complaint is true,” he added. The disqualification is also for an operator touching the robot when it has not been allowed to touch the robot in the arena.

Besides technical meeting, the participants and judges would also weigh and measure the robot today as well as draw the participant number. The weighing and measurement aim at finding out which robot might join the contest on Saturday and Sunday. The robot criteria are maximally 25 kilograms of weight, 1.5 meters of height, and 24 volt of tension, and 6 bar of pneumatic, and 75 grams of rubber weight. Each robot passing the weighing and measurement would be stuck with sticker of KRI meaning that it could join the competition. All participants may have running test to recognize the robot preparation.

“The regulations are in line with Robocon regulations conducted at UMY in August. The regulations, in fact, prepare them to design more sophisticated robot,” stated Wahidin. He expected that, through the strict robot contest, the participants could coin well-ordered and academic atmosphere. “Creating the atmosphere might not be able to be achieves at class,” he ended.

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