FOTKA Conducts an Exhibition

The Communication Photography club (Fotka), which is a Semi-Autonomous Organisation (BSO) of the Department of Communication Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IK of UMY) held the 7th photography exhibition with the theme of “Palastri”. The exhibition was conducted on 16-17 December at Cafe Melting Pot Yogyakarta, and was followed by 16 artists displaying 160 photographs.

Chief of the committee Sultan S. Habibillah told that the exhibition aimed to link an expression of three beautiful charms. “We often see beauty only at a glance without understanding an event. In a frame, the beauty of these three charms are the vigour of struggling, preserving and taking care of what we capture through photos,” stated Sultan.

Sultan added that the theme of “Palastri” in the language of poets (Kawi) means having three charms. Kawi is derived from sanksakerta, “Kavya,” which also means poetry or poem. “If we look at India, this theme is addressed to someone who has visionary mind and is considered a wise person. In addition, in literature, Kawi is interpreted as a poet, creator, or author. This language is one of the ancient Javanese writing styles commonly used during the Hindu and Buddhist sovereignty. Therefore, the use of Kawi language has a good purpose of creating a work with the subject of various backgrounds as a depiction of a beauty,” he said.

Most people think that a charm is only elegance as far as what they can see. “Through the exhibition, we can view something different. We define the elegance as a view of a charm among the bustle of lives, and so does Palastri. It contributes to represent the beauty around us,” expressed Sultan.

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