Film Festivals: Media to Promote Local Films



The number of local films by young film makers is increasing, but many people have not been familiar with the films yet. Thus, a festival film can become a means of promoting the films.

In a public lecture on ‘Jogja-Asia Netpac Film Festival’ at Amphitheater of Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Thursday (1/12), assistant Professor of University of South Australia, Ian Conrich, stated that young film makers should be active in participating in film festivals to promote their films to local and international scopes.

“Achieving awards in film festivals will enhance the value of a film. The awards can be mentioned on the film poster so that spectator will recognize the rewards which, indeed, will popularize the film,” Ian told.

For instance, many New Zealand films are not famed in international scopes, but the people are familiar with the films. Ian said that New Zealand films commonly tell about local inhabitants, namely Maori tribe. After winning film festivals in Pacific regions, the local films became famous in Pacific.

“A lot of people will mention The Lord of the Rings when they are required to state New Zealand films. In fact, it is not a New Zeland film. It was made in New Zealand, but actors, film director, and the story did not represent New Zealand at all,” he asserted.

A film by local community should encompass their local values. “For example, a number of films told about Maori tribe who possesses a symbol on their face. Even though, the tribe was not as the main character, the local values were included in the film,” Ian said.

Ian also contended that a film poster and the pictures of the main actors are also the essential factors to attract audiences. The film contents should be able to be represented on the poster.

“If the film is regarding a family, the poster should show several actors. If the poster only displays an actor, particularly only a women, people may misinterpret that the film will focus on a female figure. Hence, a poster should captivatingly reflect the contents,” Ian emphasized.

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