Faculty of Agriculture of UMY Welcomes a Visit from UMHAS Bali

UMHAS students are visiting a laboratory of Faculty of Agriculture of UMY.

125 students of Faculty of Agriculture of University of Mahasaraswati (UMHAS) Denpasar, Bali visited Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Thursday (10/8). The visit aimed at discussing students’ soft skill development and faculty accreditation enhancement.

The 15 students were accompanied by Dean of Faculty of Agriculture of UMHAS Dr. Ir. Imade Sukerta, M.Si. as well as other lecturers, and were welcomed by Dean of Faculty of Agriculture of UMY Dr. Indira Prabsari, Ph.D. and Agribusiness and Agrotechnology student association.

In her remark, Indira told that Faculty of Agriculture of UMY always does improvements in terms of student’ and lecturers’ research each year. “This faculty comprises of two departments, namely Department of Agribusiness and Department of Agrotechnology. Both departments are accredited ‘A’ so that we are demanded to enhance all aspects such as student activities, practicum, and research. Students are encouraged to conduct research through joining Student Creativity Week (PKM). Many of them accepted grants from Directorate General of Higher Education,” she stated.

The UMHAS parties also visited agricultural laboratories such as In Vitro Laboratory (leave growth), agroecotechnology laboratory (plant breeding), soil and fertilizer laboratory (soil and fertilizer processing), post-harvest laboratory, and green house (agricultural management and cultivation). A laboratory assistant explained the students the function of laboratory equipment. They also practiced planting orchids with a sterilized bottle as the medium and measuring hydrogen content (ph) of an acidity or wetness of fruits.

Meanwhile, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture of UMHAS Dr. Ir. Imade Sukerta, M.Si. informed that the visit will be carried out once two years. “I am pleased to visit UMY since this university is the best university and has been accredited ‘A’, so have the faculty and departments. This visit is an initiation to interweave cooperation in research and sustainable community services so that it will assist the accreditation enhancement of UMHAS.

In the end of visit, UMHAS parties gave a souvenir of Dewi Maharaswati statue to Faculty of Agriculture of UMY.

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