Time to show High-school Student’s Works

This is the right time high-school students show what they have created. Works and achievements are two aspects that youth should strive for. Youth is the time to make most achievement and pride. By making these achievements, youths can spend their time for positive things. When a work turns into an achievement, it will give high-school and university students special strengths.

Sri Sudarsi, SS, M.InT, one of the committee members for Non-PKM (Student Creativity Program) Competitions of the 25th PIMNAS, implied this in the small-group discussion entitled “20 Days before PIMNAS” held in UMY Integrated Campus on Wednesday (6/20). National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) involves not only university students but also includes state and private high-school students.

Sudarsi added that PIMNAS became an important event for high-school students because here they would compete with other students around Indonesia. They will show their potentials along with other students from different areas and build a more competitive atmosphere. Succeeding in making any achievement will add to the pride of the students, their teachers, their school, and their family.

There were several competition categories that students of high-school and its equivalent can join, Sudarsi said. She stated, “These high-school students can join many competitions. The competitions include Calligraphy Contest, Caricature Contest, Mural Contest, Japanese Quick and Smart, Arabic Speech, and Japanese Karaoke. They can choose any contest based on their interest. Each contest has its own theme which implies an expectation that high-school students can prepare themselves as early as possible to be young and global, and to master many skills and foreign languages. There are also competitions for university students such as Photography Contest, Arabic Debate, and English Debate.”

Sudarsi confirmed that the complete information about these competitions were available offline and online. She said that students could come to UMY or access The registration began on June 13 and will end on July 5, 2012. For Photography Contest, contestants do not have to come to UMY and can simply mail their pictures. The committee should have received the pictures on Saturday, July 7, 2012 by 5 pm. Meanwhile, the registration for Caricature and Calligraphy Contests will last until July 9, 2012.

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