Dikti Appreciates UMY Preparation as the Host

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) will be the host of the 2012 25th National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) on July 9-14. With a relatively short time to prepare, UMY is considered as preparing this national grand event well.

The Director of Research and Community Services (DP2M) of Directorate General of Higher Education (Dikti) of Ministery of Education (Kemendiknas), Agus Subekti, expressed this appreciation after attending the coordination meeting between the Committee of the 25th PIMNAS and several board members of DP2M Dikti Kemendiknas in the Assembly Room of AR Fahruddin A building 5th floor on Monday (6/11).

Subekti stated that by the support of information technology system developed by UMY, the 25th PIMNAS will be successful. It will even be better if UMY can learn from the experience of the previous hosts and use it as the baseline to improve the quality of the program. UMY should use this opportunity optimally. The success of hosting this PIMNAS will improve the image of UMY nationally.

Subekti further said that the growing number of participants in the 25th PIMNAS is one of the things UMY needs to anticipate. This growth is due to the location of the program, which is Yogyakarta. This city is really attractive to visit, especially for its strategic position and its accessibility by the road. It is necessary to anticipate the growing number of the member in each team.

PIMNAS, Subekti added, is a reunion event of student scientific activities. Students, as the next generation to lead the nation must be able to use this national gathering to learn from each others, to exchange information, and to motivate each others. If UMY can enrich the program with cultural content, it will leave a deep impression on the participants.

For the time being, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 25th PIMNAS,  Drs. Husni Amriyanto, M.Si, asserted that conceptually, the preparation conducted by UMY as the host has reached 80% and will be technically conducted soon. The committee now is still waiting for another part of the preparation, for example the number of PKM (Student Creativity Program) finalists which will be announced this week. Besides the main committee, UMY also involves 300-400 students to help running the program

Amriyanto stated, “In this coordination, the committee has illustrated the concepts of the program planned. It covers the opening, carnival, workshop, seminar, bazaar, main program, and some additional programs. Several technical program executions will use the development of information technology.”

The development of information technology here, Amriyanto added, for instance, the resgistration system will be conducted online to make it more effective. In addition, the committee plans to use the technology for the attendance system and other systems. Amriyanto affirm, “Thus, the participants can focus on the main programs without having to spend their time just for the attendance or other things.”

Finally, Amriyanto expects the support of all parties on the prepared systems. By these supports, PIMNAS will be a great success. Take one example; the online registration will not run well if the committee does not receive any data from the participant registration.

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