Community Service: UMY Held Mass Circumcision

Higher Education Institutions (PT) are now mostly competing in improving the quality of their education and only a few which pay attention to the society and social concerns.      At this point, Universitas Muhamadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) fulfills one of the three functions of Higher Education known as tri dharma which is community service by holding a mass circumcision.

The Head of Institution of Islamic Study and Practice (LPPI) of UMY, Syakir Jamaluddin, MA, revealed this information in the opening ceremony of mass circumcision program on the ground floor of UMY KH. Ahmad Dahlan Mosque on Thursday (7/5). This mass circumcision is part of the agenda of 1433 H Ramadhan in Campus (RDK) in UMY.

Jamaluddin stated that universities or other education institutions must possess a high social spirit, and even more in Ramadhan. Jamaluddin said, “We are social creatures under varied institutions that should help each other, including helping our children who need circumcision.”

Jamaluddin also explained that circumcision is the obligation of parents to escort their children to adulthood. He stated, “The obligations of parents to their children are to breast feed them when they were a baby, feed them, and when those children were about 5 to 7 years old, parents should teach them to do the prayer. And then, the obligation to help the children reach adulthood is the circumcision.”

In this mass circumcision, a young story teller, Andi Atma, who is a student in Faculty of Islamic Science (FAI) of UMY was invited. Atma told a story about how God punished the people who ignored cleanness and did not wash/ clean the urinating and excreting places.

In the same occasion, the head of RDK committee, Ibnu Syarif revealed that this circumcision was attended by 21 children from around UMY. He added, “Next year, we plan to widen the scope to Bantul area. The doctors assigned in this mass circumcision were 6 doctors from PKU Gamping Hospital.

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