Bantul Regent: The 25th PIMNAS Must Raise Bantul’s Potentials

The 25th National Student Science Week (PIMNAS), which will be held on July 9-14, 2012, is expected to be the national event to raise the potentials in Bantul Regency. The presence of around 2000 students and supporters will be a great opportunity to introduce the potentials that Bantul Regency has whether in its culture, traditional cuisine, arts, or crafts.

Bantul Regent, Hj. Sri Surya Widati, expressed this expectation when the committee of the 25th PIMNAS held a hearing on Tuesday (6/12) afternoon. This hearing was held to inform the programs of the 25th PIMNAS to the boards of Bantul government.

Hj. Sri Surya Widati, familiarly known as Mrs. Ida Idham Samawi, admitted that she was really excited about the 25th PIMNAS in UMY. She stated, “This is a huge program, a national program. We, Bantul Regency Government, expect that this program will be able to raise Batul’s potentials, for example by presenting Bantul arts to the participants, or by introducing tourism objects in Yogyakarta, especially in Bantul such as Parang Tritis Beach, etc. This is a national event. The participants come from all over Indonesia so, it is a very good moment to promote Bantul Regency.

Apart from that, Widati said, the Bantul Regency Government is willing to cooperate if it is possible. She said, “We would like to help, for instance, lend fire trucks, toilet cars, and so on, which will probably be needed to support the program.”

Widati added and suggested that the PIMNAS committee involve the neighboring society around UMY. She stated, “Say, when supporters and companions need a place to stay, UMY can cooperate with the neighboring society. Besides the cost will be cheaper, the society can also benefit from PIMNAS, which is attended by people around Indonesia.” The committee welcomes this idea.

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