Discussing Amendment of Law No.22/2011, MIP UMY Conducts FGD

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Master of Political Studies (MIP) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on drafting material inventory for amendment of Law No.12/2011 on the Establishment of Legislation. The FGD was conducted on Monday (15/6) at a meeting hall of International Relations of UMY. Attending the FGD were deputy chief of the committee of legislation (PPUU) Moh. Afnan Hadikusumo and representatives of the members of Regional Representative Council (DPD) as Ir. H. Abdul Jabar Toba from North Sulawesi, KH. Muslihudin Abdurrasyid from East Kalimantan, Intsiawati Ayus, SH., MH from Riau, Denty Eka Pratiwi, SH., MH from Central Java, H. Ahmad Subadri from Banten, and Anna Latuconsina from Maluku.

The amendment of Law No.12/2011 on the Establishment of Legislation (UU P3) is a must as the result of verdict of Constitutional Court (MK) No. 92/PPU-X/2012. The amendment of UU P3 aimed at encouraging verdict of MK No. 92/PPU-X/2012 in the establishment system of law. DPD contended that Law No.12/2011 on the Establishment of Legislation arranges DPD as the subordinate of DPR. “Thus, this FGD is expected to provide insights to encounter the issues,” hoped Ali Muhammad, Ph.D as the Dean of FISIPOL in delivering his remark as well as officially opening the FGD.

Ali Muhammad, Ph.D. continued that the verdict of MK emphasized five constitutional authority issues of DPD becoming controversy with DPR. Those five issues were DPR authority in proposing bill (RUU), discussing, acceding, engaging in Plolegnas making, and giving consideration of RUU.

Dealing with UU P3, MK interpreted constitution of DPD position and authority, particularly in legalizing function. DPD position and authority were regarding regional autonomy, relation between regional and center, area making and expansion as well as merger, management of natural resources and other economic resources, and balance of regional and center finance. “It should be noticed that a lot of public concern of the law. First, it is about quality and quantity of legislation products. However, many qualities of law possess broken ideology since each fraction has their own interests,” told Moh. Afnan Hadikusumo in his remark.

The FGS also pointed at gaining public insights of RUU of amendment Law No.12/2011 on the Establishment of Legislation made by PPUU. Additionally, it also aimed at getting constructive recommendation for the RUU. “A lot of people have recognized yet the roles of DPD even though normatively both DPD and DPR have the same authorities in legislation,” conveyed the Head of Master of Governmental Studies, Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si. in presenting a material of ‘Empowering the Legislation Roles of DPD in Enhancing Public Policy Quality.

“The FGD is expected to provide notions of the implementation concept of the Establishment of Legislation made by PPUU,” ended David Efendi as the moderator.

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