Department of Nursing of UMY Initiates Salakan Morning to Empower Community

To implement one of three principles of higher education of Indonesia (tri dharma perguruan tinggi), Department of Nursing of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted ‘Salakan Morning’ (Salmon) for people in Padukuhan 5 Salakan, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul.

In the launching of the Salmon program on Sunday (20/8) in Padukuhan 5 Salakan, a lecturer of Department of Nursing of UMY Ema Waliyanti, S.Kep., Ns., MPH stated that the community empowerment program was a result of long observation to find a problem and its solution for the people. “We discussed with the people for two months to find out what they really need. We discovered that they entail a physical exercise,” she said.

Erna informed that the Salmon program comprised of several activities, namely fun walk, aerobic, free medical check-up, and trading. All of the activities aimed to enhance health of 150 families. Ema expected that the activities increase health and economy of the people.

Meanwhile, Bantul Legislative Council (DPRD) H. Bibit Rusmanto, S.H. attended the launching. “I would like to thank UMY for organizing the program, and I entirely support it since it brings good impacts on people of Salakan. I hope that the program can regularly be conducted,” declared Bibit.

Besides, Head of Salakan Pritoyo told that the people of Salakan were enthusiastic about the program “The people show high enthusiasm that participants of the program are from children to the elderly. People of Padukuhan 5 and I will always support the program initiated by UMY students because I believe that the program can bring positive impacts for us,” he expressed.

Additionally, the Salakan Morning was organized in collaboration with youth of Salakan and Puskesmas Kasihan I. The Salmon is conducted once a month.

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