Communication Science Students of UMY Achieve Medals in Pinasthika Award 2015


Three students of Communication Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), namely Nyoman Kurnia Widiasih batch 2013, Rafie Zhahrina batch 2013, and Regga Hendarto batch 2010, achieved awards in Pinasthika Award 2015 for two contest categories. Nyoman Kurnia and Rafie attained bronze of Adstudent category while Regga obtained gold for Film Director category. Indeed, the community which they associate named KBBI (Kelompok Belajar Bikin Iklan) OAO (Otak Atik Otak) was rewarded Agency of the Year Best of Baskara in 2015.

Nyoman Kurnia told that his friends and he had endeavored to win the competition, started from brainstorming ideas, concept making, and production. “Alhamdulillah, we got a medal for Adstudent category. We had prepared the Pinasthika competition for several months and we made it,” she expressed.

She inserted that it was her first time in joining the Pinasthika competition and she wished that it would foster their ability in advertising design and would provide her occasion in advertising field. “May the achievement encourage me to evolve my capability in advertising field so that it will be beneficial for me at workplace,” she expected.

Since 2012, Regga has joined Pinasthika but he only passed on finalist phase. It did not put him down, and ultimately in 2015 he succeed achieving gold medal for Film Director category. His work concept was entitled “Long Life Rock and Roll” as his concern of the broken village street condition which contrasts to good street city condition. He argued that both streets are supposed to be distinctive because they are public facilities to east transportation,” he asserted.

Regga added that the gold medal did not drive him self-satisfied. He stated that there are a lot of other competitions that he is eager to join. “My friends and I will always work by joining advertising competition. I wish that the gold medal of Pinasthika may bring fortunes in other competitions so that we will gain other achievements and proud experiences,” he ended.

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